Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Harry and Dumbledore follow a mysterious stranger in their first visit to Tom Riddle's past in the Pensieve.

Harry and Dumbledore follow a mysterious stranger in their first visit to Tom Riddle's past in the Pensieve.

Description : Harry and Dumbledore venture into the Dark Forest....
(a reworking of the Mary Grand Pre's excellent US Deluxe Edition cover art in my style, done for the BYU Bookstore 16 July 2005 party) - - At last we discover what part of the plot this is!
From: Im speechless (Thu Jul 7 14:45:23 2005)
Wow, your drawings are awesome. Is it my imagination or I think Harry looks like you do? :P
From: Chris Pearce (Thu Jul 7 15:54:03 2005)
I love this its great! You really are an AMAZING artist! i love the look on Dumbledores face its great. makes me giggle.
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Jul 8 13:23:38 2005)
Ha, yes, I'm afraid that sometimes while reading I find a little of myself in Harry, and it's reflected in my drawings, sometimes even subconsciously!
From: TPK (Fri Jul 15 01:13:10 2005)
You know, this one's starting to grow on me, now that I have plenty of time to goof off... (mutta mutta dang spoilers mutta mutta, shuttin' down my stomping grounds... *sulk*)
From: Emma Snape (Wed Jul 27 11:19:50 2005)
One of your best works, I think! :D They both look excellent, especially Dumbledore!

Em xxx
From: ...... (Sun Jul 31 23:18:06 2005)
Funny.. The cover for the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Special Edition has Harry and Dumbledore in the SAME EXACT POSE... hmm...
From: TPK (Mon Aug 1 03:29:47 2005)
Erm... that was the point. There are three such reworkings in Drew's style of the official cover art here in the Gallery--it's all he had to go on at the time, since there wasn't much pre-release information about the books that wasn't spoilery.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Aug 1 04:19:08 2005)
Hmmm.... Are you accusing me of plagiarism? That would be quite foolish.

Thank you, TPK. Exactly right. I decided, since I was asked to do art for the party, and since I hadn't read the book yet, to do reworkings of the art that had been released in my own style.
From: jijijijuh (Mon May 29 11:42:01 2006)
some pretty useless sort of sketch ................................ Eh?
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 21:19:41 2006)
i love all the detale in this one...
From: Olivia (Wed Dec 6 20:33:01 2006)
It looks like it came from a coloring book!
From: griffiegrrl (Wed Mar 21 17:10:02 2007)
Thanks Olivia! I'm going to print and colour it. :)
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Mar 25 18:37:19 2007)
This actually was for a coloring contest, hence the coloring book nature.
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 07:46:21 2007)
Like it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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