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Bellatrix delivers the blow that causes Sirius to fall through the veil...

Bellatrix delivers the blow that causes Sirius to fall through the veil...

From: Crookshanks1177/Stephany (Tue Oct 12 15:18:57 2004)
Very well done! Kind of haunting haha. I liked Sirius.
From: Harrie4ta Potter (Tue Oct 26 15:41:18 2004)
oOo. . . This one is kinda creepy. . . and terribly sad. . . Poor Sirius!
From: Severusss (Wed Jan 12 08:46:40 2005)
This was my favourite scene in book 5. Well done Bellatrix!
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jan 20 19:01:41 2005)
To Severusss....... Erm, I have no response to that, but WHA???
From: weaselette (Wed Jan 26 16:30:53 2005)
oooh good job..the veil is just like pictured it
From: Lily Evans (Fri Jan 28 17:39:27 2005)
From: HermionePower (Sat Mar 5 04:45:12 2005)
To Severusss: WHAT?!?!?! To Admin: Great pic!
From: Agatha Bluestar (Sun May 29 20:08:31 2005)
We fully got the picture that Severuss doesn't like Sirius. After all this is a free world we are all idividuals with our own will and point of view. Even though I know all this, it did not made the surprise even smaller. How can someone not like (even a litte) Sirius?

Point aside I like the way you draw this scene, it was one of the most saddest part in the book and I took it really hard when I read it. Sirius has always been one of my favs! Well done.
From: darkxmoon (Thu Jul 28 15:26:14 2005)
From: gma81 (Wed Aug 3 18:31:16 2005)
you can just see Bellatrix going "yes!" And Sirius!!! poor, poor Sirius!!! He's so surprised and its too late and..and..*breaks into uncontrollable sobs*
From: just_a_kid (Mon Aug 29 10:14:00 2005)
Maybe "Severusss" is making a crude attempt at humor. You know--Severus Snape(as he loathes Sirius and might really be evil) would be happy if if Bellatrix killed Sirius. Or perhaps he's just sick.
From: Darina (Sun Sep 4 13:41:46 2005)
Really good pic....Sirius is one of my favourite characters and I cried while reading this point...it was so sad!
From: Emma Snape (Sat Sep 10 11:41:02 2005)
*Holds out hand uncertainly* Sirius ...



And calm down, dears. A lot of people don't understand why I don't like Cho.
From: Ela (Tue Sep 20 09:51:38 2005)
Severusss, respect! I don't like Sirius either. He is a snob! Which of course doesn't mean that anyone should have killed him. But he is arrogant, and he, though a grown-up person, is a complete kid in his mind and speech. He is stuck in the childhood. And what the hell he attacked Sevy for?
The picture is nice, thank you.
From: Julia (Tue Sep 20 17:34:41 2005)
Hate this part in the book.....but the picture is great!!!
From: rusty (Tue Dec 27 12:54:25 2005)
*sniffs* i loved sirius. why????? why did jk let that happen????
From: Courtney (Sun Apr 9 22:09:07 2006)
oh god! now im crying again! good job!!
From: Confounding (Wed Jul 5 20:32:16 2006)
WAAAAAAAHHH! Good job by the way! I MISS YOU SIRIUS!!
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:22:24 2006)
fantastic i love it
i just didnt want him to die
From: sak (Thu Sep 20 10:40:45 2007)
*sniff* great pic!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 16:07:08 2007)
personaly i think that severusss guy may hav lost his marbels cuz bellatrix is a sik woman and sirius was one of my fav characters and i still cry everytime i read that part
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 16:07:30 2007)
great pic =]

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