Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Harry is resigned to live in the cupboard under the stairs

Harry is resigned to live in the cupboard under the stairs

Description : I just had to include the horse in the background. That's one of my favorite parts in the first film, Harry clopping that little toy horse... True boredom.
From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Aug 18 15:16:31 2004)
HAHA! You can't miss that horse back there like in the movie! Poor Harry, I want to give him a hug!
From: Gryffindor Girls (Mon Oct 11 18:16:16 2004)
these pics are super accurate and have talent bursting in every part of the sketch.
From: hpgymgirl18 (Sat Jan 1 03:57:51 2005)
you can tell hes younger in this photo, and in your others hes growm!
From: sjbfd (Mon Feb 14 20:22:15 2005)
my god he looks fat
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 14 20:30:52 2005)
He has his hands under his chin so it's pushing his cheeks up that give him that look. He's not chubby, he's just pushing up his cheeks.
From: Elise (Wed Feb 16 14:57:18 2005)
sjbfd. . . you look fat.
From: Witch of the South-West (Tue Aug 16 15:01:08 2005)
I love that horse.
Harry looks so sad.
From: Phoenix_Valor (Wed Aug 31 19:15:45 2005)
I loved that part of the film too, the way he had one hand up against his cheek, and used the other to clop the horse! I loved how slow he was doing it too. This picture is great, he really does look bored!
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:56:25 2006)
You can just tell what he's thinking: "bleurg..."
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:15:37 2006)
very well done
From: critic (Tue Sep 5 22:12:45 2006)
harry has a funny look on his face!!!! XD
From: olivia (Sun Jan 28 18:58:43 2007)
he lookz fat... lol
From: mrs.malfoy (Fri Nov 2 21:48:14 2007)
its okay..... but you did it in marker not quite the best afect.
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 30 17:08:34 2009)
This was actually done in pen. The size and quality of the scan make it seem like a thicker line, but the original is in pen.

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