Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Saying good-bye to the Boy Who Lived

Saying good-bye to the Boy Who Lived

From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Aug 18 00:56:33 2004)
Ah, ag! You captured the moment so wonderfully! I can just see that popping out of the book! Brilliant!
From: Elise (Thu Aug 19 01:02:33 2004)
Hey Big D! Just wondering your site today, and thought I would comment on a few! This one is easily one of your finest Harry Potter sketches! I simply love the look on Dumbledore's face! So wise, so detailed! Keep up the amazing work, bro! -Much Love, from Elise!
From: huge fan (Thu Oct 21 19:22:19 2004)
OOOH! I loooove it!
From: Kate (Mon Oct 25 15:47:05 2004)
I love the simple detail on this. I've always imagined Dumbledore would look like that, and the look on Hagrid's face definitely suggests that he's been crying. It's wonderful!
From: NightOwl (Fri Oct 29 23:54:44 2004)
Your characters are wonderfully captured. Great job!
This entire site has been a visual pleasure!
From: StephyJ (Sun Nov 7 18:22:21 2004)
I love this one! Dumbledore's face is priceless! You draw extrememly well. I'm going to go explore some more.
From: Scott Williams (Mon Dec 27 20:09:27 2004)
I really like that picture, make sure what pages is on your drawing for me please. I like to see. That very interesting. Good job drawing.
From: hpgymgirl18 (Sat Jan 1 03:56:54 2005)
You know your good, I love it!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 14 20:29:09 2005)
Previously posted by jkl;aekjkl:

omg Hagrid and Dumbledore looks like Santa Claus and Professor needs to be more skinny.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 14 20:30:03 2005)
Well, Professor McGonagall IS wearing robes which are covering up much of her body, so she IS rather skinny. As for the other two, I've never seen Santa Clauses that look like those...
From: YeahCommaYeah (Sun Feb 20 20:25:14 2005)
Rather sketchy, but very nice indeedy. You hit all the right strings when drawing Dumbledore's facial expressions, awesome... ;) :D :)
From: Lierin (Tue Mar 15 19:12:39 2005)
I've always thought when I look at this picture that Dumbledore looks slightly like a woman.
From: Miri Gifford (Wed Mar 23 16:04:59 2005)
i did think hagrid's hair would be a little wilder, but even so, this is amazing! i particularly like mcgonagall, she looks just like i'd imagined her. you're awesome, drew!
From: dizneeprincess (Fri Aug 19 23:15:47 2005)
ooo wow I love how they're all crowding almost worshipping him like trying to get the best view!!!
From: professor M. McGonagall (Wed Aug 31 19:54:23 2005)
Why did you make me look sooo old....
From: Professor M. McGonagall (Wed Aug 31 19:55:45 2005)
I really like how Albus looks.
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:55:14 2006)
It reminds me of the 3 Wise men looking at Jesus...
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:15:01 2006)
aww poor hagrid, he looks so sad
and dumbledore looks so kind and gentel...
From: Ray( girl ) (Fri Aug 11 16:27:15 2006)
Hagrid is just like Santa Claus!!
..so funny!
But you certainly did a lovely job..!
Dumbledore's face..!!
From: Bellatrix Lestrange (Mon Mar 12 15:18:14 2007)
Nice pic!! Dumbledore looks great.
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 15:16:04 2007)
You capture all of their expressions so well! Dumbledore is my favorite in this one. He looks so gentle and loving, and he's holding Harry so carefully...simply beautiful!
From: Haya (Tue Aug 14 14:53:40 2007)
From: Lulu (Tue Aug 28 15:21:11 2007)
Can't you imagine Hagrid as a really young Father Christmas? Am I right or am I right?
From: mrs. malfoy (Fri Nov 2 21:45:50 2007)
cute. im sure dracos cuter....
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 30 17:07:58 2009)
Who gives a flying poo about Malfoy??
From: loonyloopylupin (Wed Aug 19 10:39:14 2009)
Hahaha agreed.

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