Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Voldemort confronts infant Harry after disposing of James and Lily...

Voldemort confronts infant Harry after disposing of James and Lily...

From: uifdb (Mon Feb 14 20:24:38 2005)
omg he was a baby not a child.....
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 14 20:28:15 2005)
Um, this is a toddler. Not a child, it's a baby. I don't know what you mean...
From: Elisey-Poo (Wed Feb 16 14:55:38 2005)
Well, he looks pretty much like a baby to me... Babies have slightly bigger heads, sorta out of proportion to their bodies, which is exaclty how he drew it. I think this picture is amazing, and shows the mood and scene perfectly!
From: sayzU (Sun Feb 20 20:23:49 2005)
Harry was cute as a baby! He looks a little more like he's 1 and 3/4 or three here to me, but still, he's cute! :D ;)
From: Simini (Sun Apr 24 00:16:36 2005)
just wanted to point out harry was one at this point (i'm pretty sure)... so he does look the righ tage. Ahh. this picture gives me the chills. especially lily's hand.. i've never really thought about this part of the scene. and no i'm very sad.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Apr 27 18:40:27 2005)
Yeah, I thought he was a tad older when the attack actually took place. I know this is never actually described in the books, but I have a feeling this will be how Book 6 starts out...
From: Witch of the south-west (Tue Aug 16 14:59:11 2005)
Harry was ONE when Voldemort decided to attack the Potters. He looks like a toddler to me.
From: Natalie (Thu Sep 15 12:24:23 2005)
I think it's really good, but the only thing i'd say is that he looks a bit too old. He was 1 when the attack, and he looks about 4 or 5, the body's fine, it's the way you've done the face, too mature. Still it's a really good pic, captures the moment really well!
From: hana (Thu Nov 10 12:21:24 2005)
gosh shut up! its good, looks fine to me, and lily's arm in there really nice, if creepy depressing and haunting touch! brillbrill
From: zogmoo (Wed Dec 14 00:02:37 2005)
*gasp* thats so sad that lily's arm is in the corner of the picture! I think this picture is fine! jeez louise people.
From: Pepsi (Tue Jan 10 20:47:23 2006)
I really like it. Lily's arm gives me the shivers.

There is one problem nobody has pointed out, though. Harry was inside his cot when Lily died, so therefore he couldn't seen the thestrals. ^-^;
From: Krystal (Mon Apr 24 16:58:37 2006)
OHH I know what it is, His hair theres a little to much hair giving him the look of a toddler. If he was a little more bald, and his face a little more round it would be perfect! Other than that wonderful job!
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:14:12 2006)
awww hes so cute wen he was a toddler ^_^
From: yay me!! (Sat Apr 28 00:24:40 2007)
Do u c lily's arm in the corner? that's freaky
From: lady k (Fri Jul 27 18:49:00 2007)
I agree with a couple of people before me: Harry's head needs to be rounder. You know how babies have those chubby little faces? That's what I mean. Despite the question of where Harry should technically be, I do like it. Lily's arm is a nice touch.
From: harry potter (Tue Aug 7 23:11:51 2007)
I think this looks like a 1 year old to me. I also thinks this guy is an awesome artist
From: Haya (Tue Aug 14 14:52:10 2007)
He looks 3 in that pic!
He should have been smaller in size, and much more innocent looking, but it's fine...
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Aug 27 20:51:27 2007)
Sigh... everyone craves perfection...
From: mrs.malfoy (Fri Nov 2 21:42:00 2007)
LOL give the guy a break couldyoudraw that? i thinknot!
From: UnMercyfulDeath (Wed Dec 5 21:03:02 2007)
Wow! But, I have to agree with dome other peoples. Harry looks too old. this would also look nice in color. But, I like it a lot.
From: Mafer Potter (Tue Feb 10 17:03:38 2009)
Do you guys know hour HARD is to draw a small kid? =S I can tell 'cause I draw to, and it's really hard. I think you did an awsome job, Drew. I love your style!!! :D

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