Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Through the Trapdoor montage 1

Through the Trapdoor montage 1

Description : Yes, I know the Potions aren't drawn on this one, I just wanted to refer to the book to draw them accurately but never got around to it.
From: annelisse (Sat Jan 1 20:33:30 2005)
Oooh! I love this! It's so artistic, how you have everything melding together-- you can just see time flying by as they do all of this and all they had to encounter and go through. It's delightful!
From: Laura! (Mon Aug 22 08:13:36 2005)
I love this pic, all of your drawings are amazing but this one is just..... "umph" lol, if you get what i mean. i really artistic too, but nothing like this ^_^
From: Elisey-Poo (Mon Jul 3 19:05:43 2006)
Ah, t'was one of your first HP drawings! I like the chess set! Ron looks so nervous going down that trap door!
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:35:51 2006)
very well done
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 14:57:29 2007)
Creative idea; I especially like Fluffy!
From: Kim Jewell (Thu Oct 25 13:42:04 2007)
love fluffy and i can c the stone harry's hand
From: mrs.malfoy (Sat Nov 3 00:47:49 2007)
you forgot the troll....
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Apr 6 16:51:04 2008)
Ah yes, but the troll was already taken care of by the time they arrived. :)
From: Mafer Potter (Tue Feb 10 17:19:08 2009)
From this draw, I especially love "Fluffy" I think you just got it rigth! :D

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