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A movie poster for Disney's Nephi

A movie poster for Disney's Nephi

Description : Heh... if only.
From: ?? (Wed Mar 15 09:54:12 2006)
I feel stupid but what's Nephi?
From: Samwise (for Admin) (Wed Mar 15 12:22:09 2006)
There isn't actually a plan for Disney to make a movie about Nephi, this is just ag dreaming. Don't feel stupid, though. Nephi is a historical person who left Jerusalem and sailed with his family to the Americas in about 600 BC.
From: Saphy (Fri Apr 28 15:08:15 2006)
*squees* That's awesome, Drew! XD *gives gold stars, chocolate, and drawing paper*
From: Hannah (Mon Mar 19 01:43:50 2007)
He looks great! If only they would make an actual Nephi movie.
From: saphari (Mon Aug 13 11:48:36 2007)
that is so cool! this would be great, if not for the whole "stamp-out-all-traces-of-God" attitude gripping the nation right now. still cool pic!
From: Lauren Fielding (lfield5) (Sat Apr 3 02:20:27 2010)

I think you should submit this idea... heck they did one with moses... WHY NOT?! i was super stoked when i saw this.

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