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Cheryl and Her Pet Mongoose

Cheryl and Her Pet Mongoose

Description : A friend once told me I would make the next Disney movie, about a girl and her pet mongoose, complete with evil, tap-dancing cobra.
From: rose (Mon Sep 18 17:12:40 2006)
change the title, but the drawing is wonderful. I love drawing animation myself and your great at it!
From: perfectionist (Fri Mar 16 11:24:25 2007)
That would be a really great movie--I'd go see it. I mean, who could pass up a movie where the villain is an evil, tap-dancing cobra? (The best part would be his musical number about the tradgedy of dreaming to be a tap-dancer without legs!)
From: Hannah (Mon Mar 19 18:12:35 2007)
I agree, his musical number would be the greatest part!

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