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Original 12 Dancing Princesses 1

Original 12 Dancing Princesses 1

Description : This was a running concept through high school, the princesses all being based on girls I knew.
From: Another Artist (Fri May 19 13:06:39 2006)
Out of all the Princesses, I think this is my favorite. Have you ever thought about drawing/inturpriting you expression of the 7 deadly sins? Then their opposites? I am in the middle of doing so myself, I am really intrested in seeing how you inturprit them. Just a thought, but.....I would love to see them!
From: Amy (Wed Aug 2 14:51:56 2006)
Oh, I like the Sins idea, you'd do a great job! I really wish Disney would make a 12 Dancing Princesses movie, it would be so rad!
From: rose (Mon Sep 18 17:15:16 2006)
I love her face the sketch is amazing! I read that fairy tale as well and think that it might make a good movie.
From: apologetic critic (Tue Aug 21 10:45:01 2007)
You know, as bad as this is going to sound, there has already been a really great adaptation of the 12 Dancing Princesses--and Rapunzel, too. Just because it's the Barbie version doesn't mean it's not good! Because (much to my surprise), these are really great--especially Rapunzel!
From: Tigress (Wed Dec 5 13:21:58 2007)
ZOMG! I had this idea once too! 12 Dancing Princesses was always one of my favorite fairy tales, and I was so disappointed that Disney had never made a version. I did some sketches when I was little... Of course yours are about 1000x better!

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