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The volatile, but charming mycologist, Fiona Widdershins

The volatile, but charming mycologist, Fiona Widdershins

From: Roger (Mon Aug 29 08:53:42 2005)
I like this picture! However, I've always imagined her with wider glasses. Like this:

Whoops, I messed up. But I just imagined that her glasses were wider and not perfect equalateral triangles.
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:36:51 2006)
If the glasses were round, it would look like a hippie Klaus with long-ish hair.
From: V.F.D Detective (Sat Oct 7 17:16:15 2006)
Ahh finaly i've found a picture of her the girl what's her name and the glasses are what I imagined but i thought here hair was in pig tails and she'd be younger here she looks 23! and i thought she was like a know it all nerd (but more calm friendly looking)
From: mike oxbig returns again (Tue Dec 18 20:59:25 2007)
i thought she would be a frail elder on the brink of death. although she did manage to get into a cave. i have a wild imagination. she klooks like afemale klaus of some sort. why dos she have a line running down the middle of her face.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Dec 26 17:04:46 2007)
They are construction lines for placement of facial features.
From: mike oxbig again in 08 back for more. (Sun Apr 20 16:12:19 2008)
i just realized how much i like this drawing. how detailed.
amazing. you are talented.
From: mike oxbig back in 08. (Sat Jun 28 12:49:20 2008)
wow i was stupid, ive realized how amazing these drawings are.
you should draw famous musicians. i tried to draw robert plant once, but i kinda messed up. but these drawings are great. june 28?, 08.. ok yeah=]

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