A Series of Unfortunate Events  
The unfortunate Baudelaire orphans

The unfortunate Baudelaire orphans

From: Elise (Fri Jan 7 16:17:07 2005)
Yes, this is one of your more brilliant ones. It looks exactly like the kids in the movie! I love it!
From: Nympha Lupyn (Wed Feb 23 21:42:51 2005)
wow... I love this one, when I saw the movie I totally felt in love with Violet's dress and you did it excellent
From: :.Padfoot.: (Sat Mar 12 01:05:20 2005)
One of your best, I'd say!
From: TPK (Wed May 4 20:22:12 2005)
I haven't even seen the movie, and I like this. Well-done.
From: Zavi (Sat Mar 18 21:16:21 2006)
I'm probably one of the millions of people who wants [to be skinny enough to wear] that beautiful dress. You captured it amazingly!

I've never liked Sunny as a character, but before I get beaten up and pelted with rocks by her fans, I'll say that she looks quite cute in that picture.
From: unfortunatevent (Sun Mar 26 02:50:33 2006)
From: Izzy (Fri Apr 21 17:38:10 2006)
I love it, it looks so real.
From: Isadora (Fri Apr 21 17:49:31 2006)
This one is great! I love Violet's dress.
From: Elizabeth (Tue Jun 13 21:16:13 2006)
I love the dress, and Sunny is rather cute, not like the book portrays her. A really great artist you are! Klaus looks a bit too sad, though.
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:35:53 2006)
It looks exactly like the movie, which is a point for "portraiting". But personally, I like your other work better. The stuff you came up with, not that was copied.
From: stippie (Mon Aug 7 08:57:02 2006)
i love violets dress, in the movie, and in the drawing.
From: baudelaire (Wed Aug 9 19:25:07 2006)
they look soo real! i love voilet's dress! it looks soo nice.
From: V.F.D Detective (Sat Oct 7 17:13:08 2006)
I've got to say your drawnings can evolve! from ur own hand drawings to ones that look like portraits and this ones a shocker! This isn't any of ur fault but i don't understand why Violet and sunny are dreesed like that in the movie and her hairs kinda...Funcky?!? oh yah Klaus he looks older than 12 strange but in the movie he should have been more closer to Sunny and Violet right now it looks like Sunny and Violet are Siters and Klaus looks like some stranger or friend hanging around
From: tsippie (Thu Dec 7 08:17:50 2006)
i think S is one of your best drawings.
From: stranger (Thu Mar 1 15:36:00 2007)
Uhno!! Sonny! no that looks like a baby with the face of a girl. I am sorry but no,no,no! Sonny bites how about a pair of buck teeth?! Hmm? Sonny bites things! Shes also a baby! No,no,no!A baby doesn't have that much hair! A baby has pouty cheeks. next time u draw Sonny get these facts straight!
From: stranger (Thu Mar 1 15:37:29 2007)
OH And Psst!.(Clause is floating...)
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Mar 2 13:46:18 2007)
Just for the record, this is Elise, not Drew. I say this: Picky picky picky... This was definately based off of the movie Sunny (that toddler does have quite some hair...) and Klaus (check your spelling before you go around demanding that you are an expert on the topic if you can't even spell the main characters' names right.) is standing in the back ground. Hence he is farther back. Why can't people just appreciate drawings? I heart Drew.
From: mike oxbig x2 again (Tue Dec 18 20:52:30 2007)
klaus is levitating and sunny is a baby so why dosent she have little fangs and she looks more like an adult than a human child. Her face should be rounder and babies dont have that much hair unless they are wearing wigs!
From: mike oxbig x2 again (Tue Dec 18 20:55:43 2007)
klaus is like 9"8 why is he so tall>? i agree with strange. I like the first eye drawing the best. i do enjoy brett helquests drawings and yours. the dress is great.
From: mike oxbig.. is BACK! 08. (Sat Jun 28 12:46:28 2008)
heyy there again, wow, i was just reading some of the old comments i wrote. wow. drew, the dress is perfection. it is so detailed! but i still think klaus is a little too tall. but anyway, this is a beautiful drawing. . wow, that dress, its amazing. have you seen bruce almighty? B-E-A utiful.
hahha =]
From: sara squalor (Sat Mar 14 16:28:30 2009)
nice! violet looks the most like the actress
From: Violet (Sun Mar 29 18:14:25 2009)
I love it it really does look like the kids in the movie as soon as im done with writing my book i'll print this out and watch the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: HJ (vfdsunny9999) (Mon Oct 19 14:53:29 2009)
Violet is SO pretty when you draw her. She is so pretty in the pictures you draw, the books, and the movie that one of the boys that I hang out with that is interested in A Series of Unfortunate Events has a crush on her. He hates Quigley because of the kiss.
From: HJ (vfdsunny9999) (Fri Nov 6 17:19:39 2009)
I forgot something in my last comment. The boy said he would KISS Violet if he met her.

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