A Series of Unfortunate Events  
Violet and Quigley share a moment of privacy halfway through their ascent on the Slippery Slope

Violet and Quigley share a moment of privacy halfway through their ascent on the Slippery Slope

From: Harrietta Potter (Thu Oct 14 15:49:00 2004)
Ah, one of the best parts in the series! Their secret little "moment" that we don't know about! It looks great!
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Nov 16 18:47:38 2004)
Thanks Harrietta. I love the privacy that Snicket gives these two on the Slippery Slope... It sort of adds a touch of innocent, youthful romance to the books.
From: the fan with a short attention span (Sat Jan 8 12:06:19 2005)
very realistic and a good artwork for all v/q fans.including me!

From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 23:21:23 2005)
Well I never read these books to be honost with you but I must concur with you that there is innoncent romantic chemistry in the picture.Looks like neither of them know what to say but I dont think it bothers them deep down, company is enough.
From: Roger (Mon Aug 29 08:49:54 2005)
I like this picture! I have an ASoUE site, and I may use this picture.
From: Zavi (Sat Dec 10 13:21:37 2005)
Wonderful! Violet's head is a little...wonky..but I ADORE Quigley. He looks so cute. You might find this weird, but I LOVE his pants and his shoes. They're so adorable.

Being an avid Violet/Quigley fan, I love it when someone posts art such as this. There aren't that many pictures like this out there, but this one is one of the very best.
From: solombum (Fri Apr 21 17:36:04 2006)
cute picture!
From: Isadora (Fri Apr 21 17:47:46 2006)
This is one of my favorites! It's really good!
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:33:56 2006)
From: baudelaire (Wed Aug 9 19:26:28 2006)
omg they look soo cute together! now im definetly for the violet/quigley ship!
From: V.F.D. Detective (Sat Oct 7 16:25:48 2006)
I love this picture...it gives you a feeling when your reading this book that...everythings going to be ok it feels like ur in Violet's shoes...u feel like this is what's supose to happen, and when you look at the pic it gives you a flash back of the bad begining of how violet was just a girl and now she's starting to mature! Her life feels more adventuresome!
From: Billie Piper (Sat Apr 21 17:08:11 2007)
They are soooo cute!!!!! I love this. When I finished the 13 th book I was sooooooo sad because they didnt get together. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!
From: an unfortunate girl (Sat Nov 10 11:43:52 2007)
i can imagine me and my friend siting together like that. I miss him soooooooooooo much!:(
From: j bra (Thu Nov 15 22:03:03 2007)
tell she ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i loveds she book she tell she every1 in the book is hot
From: Sunny Baudelaire (Tue Feb 17 21:20:56 2009)
I love how you actually illustrated the image that we all saw in our heads when we read the books. I also like how the author just gave them a moment of privacy instead of actually saying they did anything sexual so that Violet and Quigley keep their youth and innocence!
From: HJ (vfdsunny9999) (Mon Oct 19 14:44:18 2009)
I am definitely a Violet Quigley fan! This is a great picture. This was one of my favorite parts i the series, and the Slippery Slope is my favorite book EVER! This is a cute moment.
From: Elizabeth Sanders (bethebug) (Fri Oct 14 22:08:05 2016)
This is so sweet. The connection between Violet and Quigley is just so natural and cute. I really think you drew Quigley perfectly, which means alot because reading it again I just love Quigley ;)

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