Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Ron sees a glorified version of himself in the Mirror of Erised

Ron sees a glorified version of himself in the Mirror of Erised

From: Dany (Sat Aug 28 05:02:03 2004)
I always wondered what EXACTLY he saw...
From: Neville (Mon Sep 6 16:48:19 2004)
Ron: Harry! Do you think this mirrah shows the futchah?
Harry: How connitt? My parents a' dead...
Ron: Well, you're gonna die, too, some day, ya know...
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Sep 6 16:53:08 2004)
Neville! That's a great interpretation! For all Harry knew, him standing with his parents WAS the future! Too bad Dumbledore had to come in and explain just what the mirror does and therefore disprove your creative theory... :)
From: Someone who's annoyed by the last comments. (Thu Oct 7 19:07:25 2004)
You people aren't very optimistic...
From: Syan Alyissa (Fri Oct 22 18:58:35 2004)
I pictured Ron to look like that
From: purple_pillow (Fri Dec 3 14:58:59 2004)
poor ron, i have a soft spot for him and seeing him in the mirror makes me sad. he wants to be recognized as an individual in his family so badly, but what he doesn't get it, is that being harry's best friend is something none of the other weasleys did before him. poor sweet ron. i love that picture(though the firebolt didn't come out until #3) it makes me smile
From: sdjhbsdjhfb (Mon Feb 14 20:27:11 2005)
whoa that is not ron....
From: MioneBookworm (Wed Jan 25 21:16:46 2006)
That's actually a tricky question, since the mirror is an inanimate object, but at the same time is an inanimate magical object, so you can never really know...

by the way, YOUR Ron looks great, ag.
From: Elise (Mon Jul 3 19:02:25 2006)
I bet if he looked in that mirror now, he would be snogging Hermione. :)
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:28:42 2006)
ron looks really hott in that picture
From: critic (Tue Sep 5 22:25:00 2006)
From: ginny (Sat Oct 7 20:49:59 2006)
Its hiarious! i love it!
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 14:47:45 2007)
Oooooh, very dashing! Heehee

(...I'm a girl, by the way, I just like the phrase "loony-loopy-Lupin" from POA)
From: Kim Jewell (Thu Oct 25 13:08:35 2007)
Ron's heart wanted the best broom of the age which so happened to be the Firebolt, remember the mirror is a migical object, the drawing is perfect
From: mrs.malfoy (Sat Nov 3 00:33:52 2007)
I wonder wat dumbbledor REALLY saw in that mirror.....
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Apr 6 16:49:26 2008)
I still think, regardless of what Harry presumed Dumbledore would see (in book 7) that Dumbledore would see himself with a nice, woolen pair of socks. Or perhaps himself without a miserable upbringing that apparently left him with a certain degree of sexual confusion.

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